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This Is What Your Nail Color Says About Your Personality


We love to show and tell you various stuff about nails, you already know that. We’ve talked about nice nails, ugly ones, single-colored ones, blingy ones, multicolored ones and so much more.

But, did you know that the color of your nails actually says something about you? Specifically about your personality.

Yes really, the color of your nails apparently speaks about your personality. As crazy as that might sound, and as nonsensical and unrelated some of these may be, it’s still cool to see to give it a thought and check if it’s true, right?

1. Pink

Pink, as you may have guessed, just basically means you’re a girly girl.

This Is What Your Nail Color Says About Your Personality 1

Source: Instagram | @monikawiecek_karmin

2. Orange

This means you’re an eternal optimist that always looks on the bright side of life and you’re not afraid to take a risk here and there.

This Is What Your Nail Color Says About Your Personality 2

Source: Instagram | @thehpsauce

3. Purple

Purple is the color of imagination. It just means you’re an insanely creative and ambitious person.


Source: Instagram | @ms_sparkle_polish

4. Gray

Gray means that you lack emotions. So just think of yourself as a Vulcan, no emotions. It also represents detachment or longing.


Source: Instagram | @_____mxc

5. Blue

Blue signifies loyalty, trustworthiness, honesty, stability and confidence.


Source: Instagram |

6. Yellow

As you can imagine, yellow is usually associated with happiness, warmth and joy.


Source: Instagram | @victoriaoliviaxo

7. Red

Red signifies passion and heat.


Source: Instagram | @agaatajar

8. White

This color simply exemplifies perfection, innosence, purity, neatness and cleanliness.


Source: Instagram | @baublesbybets

9. Black

Black nails tell the world that you’re a complex mystery, and very secretive.


Source: Instagram | @erint1993

10. Brown

Due to the earthy, natural and uncommon nature of brown nails, it usually tells people that you’re down to earth and that you’re into vegetarianism. Okay, that last thing… Okay.


Source: Instagram | @adanienails

11. Green

This signifies regeneration and nature. You have  a kind heart and a nurturing side, even if you can be dominant at some times.


Source: Instagram | @lwarzy

12. Nude

Nude tells the world that you’re independent and intelligent. People tend to view nude polish wearers as approachable.


Source: Instagram | @annbreath

13. Silver

This means that you’re spiritual and mystical. Your friends rely on you and you rarely let them down.


Source: Instagram | @fionahay

14. Gold

Аnd finally, gold means that you always strive for wealth and corporate success.


Source: Instagram | @beautebelemirkoptagel
Main image via Instagram / @agaatajar
Collage image via tumblr / Ash Meadow Melts | Diply

Yeah, well, kind of being Captain Obvious here, with the colors and stuff… Still it was kind of interesting. If you like, you can tell us about your personality and the color you usually wear and we can make a new, more in-depth analysis?

Or, we’ll just put a new color and enjoy ourselves without thinking too much about it, because it has always made sense.


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