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12 Nail Designs That Are Surprisingly Easier Than They Look


You’ve probably seen quite a few intricate nail designs all around the internet, and you’ve probably thought to yourself “That’s probably impossible and in no way can a human being achieve that nail design”.

Well, you’d be wrong, because a lot of those designs on the internet, and especially the ones you’ll see now are as easy as pie. Not only are these 12 nail designs extremely easy to do, but you’ll also see why they’re actually so easy to do.

Here are 12 nail designs that are way easier than they actually look

1. Sponge

A sponge is the perfect tool if you want to give an ombre design a try.

12 Nail Designs That Are Surprisingly Easier Than They Look 1

Source:YouTube | Roslion90

2. Raindrops

A few drops of glossy polish over matte polish creates this awesome effect.

12 Nail Designs That Are Surprisingly Easier Than They Look 2

Source:The Lacquer Log

3. Four colors

It’s so much simpler to achieve four colors than it looks. All you have to do is let each color dry fully before you apply the next one.



4. Fan brush

Тhe fan brush can actually make for some really cool stripe designs.


Source: YouTube | LifeWorldWomen – DIY – EasyNailArtDesigns

5. Polka dots

Polka dots are very easy to do, you know that one. But flowers are too, and they don’t seem like it.


Source:Ramblings of a Girl in the City

6. Hearts

All you do is take a small toothpick and you dip it in polish, then you play connect the dots. And you have a perfect heart shape.

Source:Kristin Ess | The Beauty Department

7. Fishnet

The fishnet can be used as a mesh sack to draw a cool pattern and make it look like you’ve just arrived from a day at the spa.



8. Christmas

This Christmas design can be achieved perfectly with white polish and a string. Add a few other Christmas-y colors to the string, and you have a perfect festive Christmas design.


Source: Kristin Ess | The Beauty Department

9. Thin tape

Paint your nails in a brighter color, put some thin strips of tape on top in whatever pattern you’d like, and then paint over them in black. Take off the strips of tape and you’ll end up with a really really cool design!


Source:Nail Stories

10. Foil

Applying some foil after a clear coat will also make for a really awesome look, just make sure you remove the excess.


Source:Nail Nerd

11. A napkin?

Yep, you can use a napkin or a paper towel to make a slightly more eccentric but still very cool design.


Source:I Am Baby Panda

12. Newspaper

Take something with a little bit of text print on it, such as a newspaper, and you can transfer it to your nails. The effect is awesome, and the possibilities with what you can do with this are endless.


Source:Natalie Creations

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