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Gorgeous Montage of Nail Tutorial Compilations


Everyone loves a good montage, and when you’re looking at sheer skill and beauty it totally captivates you. This dazzling montage has all the highlights from Fall 2016. It includes glitter, Burbury, matte and metallic.


Sasha Kasdeya’s Youtube channel is dedicated to compiling the best makeup, hair, nails and Do It Yourself tutorials on the internet. Apart from compilations, Sasha also shares hair and makeup transformation videos, as well as various beauty hacks.


As she explains in the video description, her aim is not to ‘steal’ somebody’s work and de-value their efforts, but quite the contrary: to promote the best work in these categories out there and to put the best Youtube tutorial in the spotlight. Sasha’s compilations always reference the original authors, which the users can then share to their own profiles which can be a great promotional tool.

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