What Your Nails Can Tell About Your Personality


Everybody knows that our fingerprints serve as individual identifiers, but what do our nails reveal about us? We accidentaly stumbled upon this fun little chart on what the shape of our nails reveal about us. Personally, the first time I  saw this chart I rolled my eyes, but then it turned out really accurate for me. I am #3 and all the traits are spot on. Check the chart out below and see if yours is accurate!


1. Vertically Long

You are definitely romantic, you have a wonderful imagination and a little hot-blooded. You are creative. You are the one that can spot little things that not everyone notices. You are the type of person who can get along with just about anybody.

2. Broad-side

You have a short temper and are a theorist. People love you because you are straightforward and with a clear-cut attitude. You dont have difficulties when it comes to telling the truth. As a result people love coming to you for advice and help. You won’t give them a half-answer, but will genuinely tell them what they need to hear.

3 & 4. Round-egg

You enjoy moving at your own pace. You like doing things in a unique way, and you avoid following the crowd. A bright person who makes logical and sensible choices. You do not let your emotions get the best of you and as a result, you have a lot of long-term friends.

5. Square

You have a lot of guts and strong leadership skills. You are a natural leader. Although you generally have a serious attitude, it makes your playful personality more enjoyable.

6 & 7. Triangle

This is usually a sign of a genius. Innovative, you think differently tho others and demand perfection. You always come up with new ideas and move at a much faster pace than most people. People are fascinated by you in some way or another.

8. Almond

Friendly, faithful and honest, these are the traits that describe you. You tell the truth, make others feel good and you are good at handling difficult situations.

9. Sword

An ambitious and  hard-working person. You are very goal-oriented and don’t mind putting in that extra hard work. You are set on achieving your goals. People love spending time around you.

I hope you enjoyed it.



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