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Unmissable Nail Do’s Dont’s And Hacks


This unmissable nail hack video is brought to us by Alexandra.

Alexandra is a vlogger whose channel AlexandrasGirlyTalk offers makeup, hair and lifestyle videos whose aim is to share different hacks and valuable advice that could help any girl with her beauty routine.

She uploads new videos every Monday, saying that Mondays usually suck enough even without a nice little beauty video to make one’s life easier.

In this video, she will let us in on her 8 most valuable nail-secrets that can dramatically improve the way your nails look.


Seemingly small things like the way you remove dead skin, the way you apply your nail polish or how you file your nails are actually the most important ones. Actually, the most effective tricks are always the simplest ones, right? The thing I most like about her is that she offers solid reasons over why we should do one thing over another. For example, if you file your nails over and back instead of just in one direction, you more likely to get broken nails and get them caught on things. This is because the over and back motion crosshatches your nails and makes them minutely jagged. You can’t see it, but you can feel it.


You will also discover important advice on how to extend your polish wear time, how to prevent nail polish from getting on your skin when doing nail art and much more.


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