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These Stunning Nails Will Make You Go Matte And Never Go Back


Sure, there are some ridiculous fashion trends that we loved, and some that we really did not care for back in 2016. But undoubtedly, the matte trend was one of the most liked trends. It was literally everywhere. You saw matte lips, matte eyeshadow and of course, matte nails.

Dear matte nail enthusiasts, we have amazing news for you. Diply offers 11 nail designs as cold-hard proof that matte nails are the way of the future. Be sure that once you go matte, you will never go back to gloss again.

1. Black as your soul

The perfect choice for the all-black-everything enthusiasts.


Source: Instagram | @glambymeli

2.The lovers of the simple and unobtrusive will love these nails

Grey with a pinch of black and gold. Sign me up!


Source: Instagram | @emmadoesnails

3. Cozy red matte nails

If you love flannel shirts, you will love these nails.


Source: Instagram | @nailsbycambria

4. Don’t give up the sparkle

You love matte but you love sparky too. It is a tough decision. Why not combine both?


Source: Facebook | I Love Manicures !!!

5. Cool for the summer

These matte nails will match your swimsuit perfectly. Don’t forget to wear a lot of bling.


Source: Instagram | @thenaillife_

6. Ombré and matte nails?

For this one watch a tutorial so you can master the skill. Choose your favorite colors and go arty.


Source: Instagram | @thenailtrail

7. A touch of sparkle

This one would go perfectly with your elegant dress. Simply gorgeous!


Source: Facebook | I Love Manicures !!!

8. Watermelon nails

How fun are these? Plus, it can remind you to eat your fruits for the day. A bit more summer-oriented, but still cool.


Source: Instagram | @mynails_forfun

9. Sparkly white snowflakes

You can’t be indifferent to this design, can you? It is melting my heart.


Source: Instagram | @vera_babakina

10. Classy Xmas nails

Christmas is still far away but these nails are perfect. So, why not? These two colors are matching perfectly just like hot coffee and ginger cookies. Neat.


Source: Instagram | @kira_sweet_nails

11. The whole universe in your palms

The very last but most definitely not the least. If you ask me these are the winners. Galaxy matte nails? It’s like carrying a part of the galaxy with you all the time.


Source: Copycat Claws
From: diply

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