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Naio Nails’ Top 20 Nail Art Videos Of 2016

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It’s officially 2017. Can you believe how fast 2016 went by? I swear, it feels like the 3rd of January 2016 was just 5 minutes ago.

A lot of things happened in 2016. There were more bad things than good things, but, in general, a lot of stuff happened. And throughout the year, the world released a LOT of different nail art videos.

Like, seriously, there were hundreds of different videos released. Just to make sure you’re not short of designs for your nails.

You may not be aware, but¬†people weren’t always using nail art to just decorate nails for the sake of decorating nails. It was once used to indicate social status, for example.


I think I prefer nail art’s use today, which is simply to decorate one’s nails to add an artistic flair to them.

Well anyways, here’s a video by Naio Nails on their top 20 most viewed nail art videos of 2016. Give this video a watch and it might inspire you to radically jazz up your nails.

Source:Naio Nails

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