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NakeFit Are The New Revolutionary Stick-On Soles That Will Truly Let You Go ‘Dancing Barefoot’


Do you like walking barefoot? Do you often think of how nice that experience would be if the risk of injury was not so high? Now there’s a way of having the world at your feet and walk absolutely safely, with the brand new, revolutionary stick-on pads called NakeFit.

NakeFit is a startup Italian company whose soles are designed to withstand rough terrain and conditions while allowing the freedom of going barefoot. Waterproof, cut-proof, heat-resistant, and slip-proof, the slim pads come in three colors – black, pink, and light blue. You can pre-order yours for $33 from Kickstarter and say goodbye to flip flops and sandals for a while!

More info: | Kickstarter (h/t: designboom)

Source: NakeFit


NakeFit’s product comes in three colors: black, pink, and light blue


The innovative stick-on soles are designed and produced in Italy


The pads are designed to be waterproof, cut-proof, heat-resistant, and slip-proof


According to the company’s website, the idea is to “keep your feet effectively protected and at the same time support all of the amazing things they can already do”


They are adept for any surface, including hot sand, and a great way to protect your children’s feet


A pair currently retails around the $33 mark and can be purchased from Kickstarter


The producer calls the soles ‘vegan and barefoot friendly’ as they are being produced without harming people, animals or the environment



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