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12 Names That Will Be Given To More And More Babies Soon


Like pieces of clothing, musical trends or literary styles, names too are susceptible to becoming (un)fashionable in various eras. Like old jokes, sometimes names that used to be thought of as obsolete suddenly resurface. Also, the fluidity of masses and ideas of our age means that new names are concocted out of thin air as well as foreign ones making their way to new territories.

Websites like Nameberry not only provide the origins, backgrounds and meanings of countless names, they are also tracking their popularity (or lack of it) at different times. But what is even more fascinating are their estimations that the names that are going to gain or re-gain popularity in the near future.

No matter whether or not these predictions turn out to be correct, the beauty of a name is a relative thing and even if they do not become really frequent, you might find some of these names and the stories behind them lovely.

1. Arly


Source:Flickr / Sara Neff

Meaning: A variation of “Arlene.”

The typically male version, Arlo, is also more and more being seen as a popular option for female babies. One notable carrier is singer-songwriter Arlo Guthrie, the son of folk legend Woody Guthrie.

2. Jagger


Source:Flickr / Eric Fleming

Meaning: An old occupational term for a cart driver.

An example of a celebrity surname becoming a popular first name, also among girls. The Maroon 5 tune tributing Rolling Stones frontman Mike Jagger might have had something to do with it.

3. Juniper


Source:Flickr / Tamaki Sono

Meaning: A type of tree

A rise in the popularity of this nature-friendly moniker was noticed back in 2012, with an even bigger surge expected in the future.

4. Rylan


Source:Flickr / Alice Keeler

Meaning: An island meadow.

This name has been picking up traction with parents looking for a fresh spin on “Ryan.” It can also be seen like Ryan’s female version.

5. Wilder


Source:Flickr / Javcon117*

Meaning: Wild, uncontrolled.

This last name has been more commonly used as a first name from 2015 onwards. It was the surname of one of the most famous XX century directors, Billy Wilder.

6. Maisie


Source:Flickr / Betsssssy

Meaning: A Scottish diminutive of “Margaret,” which means “pearl.”

This popular export from the British Isles has been steadily climbing the US name popularity charts recently.

7. Guthrie


Source:Flickr / eperales

Meaning: A windy place.

This folksy Scottish name for boys is making a comeback. Woody Guthrie wrote America’s most famous folk song, “This Land Is Your Land”.

8. Leontine


Source:Flickr / Clever Cupcakes

Meaning: the French form of a Greek word meaning “lion.”

Considered an old-school name in France, it has been making a surprising jump in popularity in the United States.

9. Nile


Source:Flickr / TipsTimesAdmin

Meaning: The Nile is the world’s longest river.

It’s not only surprising that a geographical toponym is making its way up the ladder, but also that it seems to be more popular with girls rather than boys.

10. Sybella


Source:Flickr / Ste Elmore

Meaning: A seer or an oracle.

A combination of two time-honored names, Sybil and Isabella, it has charmed a good number of parents in recent years.

11. Paladin


Source:Flickr / Lars Plougmann

Meaning: Someone who is from a palace.

Paladin was a title bestowed upon legendary European emperor Charlemagne’s highest regarded knights back in the Middle Ages. Some believe it’s set to make a big comeback as a male name in the near future.

12. Willis


Source:Flickr / Sarah Morris

Meaning: A diminutive of “William.”

This surname fell out of popularity due to the TV series Diff’rent Strokes and its Gary Coleman catchphrase. However, it has recently seen a significant revival.


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