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Heartbreaking Before And After Photos Of Napa And Sonoma Wineries Destroyed By California Wildfires


According to the latest estimates, this month’s Northern California wildfires destroyed nearly 7000 buildings, taking 42 lives and forcing nearly 15000 people to evacuate their homes. The fires broke out on October 8 throughout Napa, Lake, Sonoma, Mendocino, Butte, and Solano counties during severe fire weather conditions effectively leading to a major red flag warning from much of the Northern California area. Many homes and businesses were destroyed and there is still a sizable number of people missing.

The deadliest of the blazes, the Tubbs fire, was mostly under control by Wednesday. After scorching 36,432 acres and leveling much of the city of Santa Rosa, it was 91% contained. Also, the Atlas Fire burning in Napa and Sonoma counties was 83% contained Wednesday.



It will cost billions of dollars to fix the destruction that took place according to experts. People who live thousands of miles away from these damaged areas, will find it hard to put the damages into proper perspective.

These before and after pictures tell a story that is hard to look away from.


A lot of us are aware of all the wineries that exist in Northern California. A picture of Signorello Estate (located in Napa Valley) shows the natural beauty that these locations offer. The photos of the aftermath are just so saddening to see. As you can see Signorello Estate is unrecognizable and miserable.





The regions that were hit the hardest, make it hard for us to believe that they could be rebuilt to their former beauty.

Paradise Ridge Winery was also destroyed in “one of the greatest tragedies” to ever strike California.


What’s very interesting is that the famous “LOVE” sign at Paradise Ridge is still there. A metaphor, since love is something that no one can take from us. If you want to help with the relief efforts, you can go to Airbnb to learn more about providing housing.


The California State Firefighter’s Association can also be contacted as well. If you want to support animals who have been displaced by the blaze, speak with the people at Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch. Redwood Empire Food Bank and United Way of Wine Country are also accepting donations.

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