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NASA Pays People $100,000 To Stay In Bed

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When did we wake up in a dream world? Is it possible that we’re in a parallel universe, where you get paid to sleep?

It does sound incredible, but it’s actually true and we’re still in our world. You still need to do your job to get paid, but what if your job was staying in bed for 60 days?

It’s actually NASA that pays people for this, and it’s part it’s part of a research study. A few lucky candidates are selected and paid to just chill in bed.

The studies are called “Bed Rest Studies” and as part of the process, people will need to stay in bed for 60 days.

So, no trips to the refrigirator. Oh. It’s beginning to sound a little freaky don’t you think? How long would you be able to handle this without losing your mind?

It could help to just lie down and think about what you’ll be doing with the money 60 days later.

You can also read, use your phone, play games, watch TV, as long as you lay down.

The point is to study how the body reacts to extended periods of rest for astronauts who are going on extended periods of space travel.

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