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12 Nasty Things Women Do, But They Never Tell Anyone About It


Admit it, girls, there are a ton of things y’all talk about that you’d rather not mention among people. You can talk about it openly for hours, until a guy shows up, and that’s when the blinds close and other subjects get talked about.

For those of you who don’t know, yes, girls do a ton of, erm, interesting things but they never talk about them in public. They may never talk about them in public, but they really do this stuff. For all you boys out there, this is just re-assurance and extra knowledge, but for you girls, it’s an occasion to admit that you’ve done all of this stuff in the comments.

1. Falling hair becomes art on the shower walls


2. Forgetting to shave your toes

Just make sure you don’t wear open-toe sandals that day.


3. Or not shaving your upper lip

Stache girl.


4. Checking out your tampon after it’s been inside you

Mmmm look how… red it is.


5. Blood is actually a pretty weak explanation of a period


6. Your favorite bra doesn’t fit

But you still wear it. In public.


7. Having special scissors for trimming yourself

No one is allowed to touch those scissors, and they’re only allowed to touch your hair and nothing else.


8. Bursting zits

Pus everywhere.


9. Smelling yourself when you haven’t showered

“I smell delicious!”


10. Storing something inside your bra

And then forgetting about it.


11. Dropping food down your cleavage

This only applies for the big-chested ladies among us.


12. And then eating it anyway

Because all food is better with boob juice on it, right?


So, there you are. The most common disgusting things girls do that they never talk about. Are you guilty of any of the items on this list? Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments!

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