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These Pictures Show That Nature Will Never Stop!


Even though humanity has done a pretty good job with the whole civilization thing, the unstoppable power of nature is not going anywhere. The real good thing is that once in a while we get to see awesome pictures like this compiled by Diply, to remind us that nature will always find a way.

1. The reason this car is not going anywhere fast

Maybe flying cars are a distant dream. This could be the car from the second Harry Potter movie, thinking about it…

Reddit | bignut

2. There is no mercy for the bike

I just can’t figure out how did this happen? How?

Reddit | I_Burned_The_Lasagna

3. Sensing a pattern

This seems pretty… dangerous.

Reddit | uberrrr

4. When your room service goes wrong

The Hotel Del Salto in Columbia was an abounded building but now has been restored and functions ad the Tequendama Fallas Museum of Biodiversity and Culture. Ouch!

Imgur | Hakker Mathias

5. This isn’t so bad… maybe

This subway station in China is still running even though it looks in a terrible condition.

Reddit | BunnyipPouch

6. Spit that out, tree!

This tree in Michigan had more than it could swallow.

Reddit | Gr3yham

7. No soil? No problem

Tree roots don’t get enough credit. These ones in particular are getting a lot of attention for growing in impossible conditions. Wow!

Reddit | Likk

8. A tug of love

Sucking a bench together since spaghetti is too mainstream.

Reddit | JTColt40

9. Googly

This tree was transformed after someone decided to give it the gift of sight. Awesome!

Reddit | purblephoebe

10. Thirsty

Thirsty trunk making it’s way through the entire pipe.

Reddit | _RorySmith_

11. Bikes? Again?

Going all natural on the streets of Utrecht, Netherlands.

Reddit | martez89

12. Gloomy entrance

The entrance to the abandoned St.Margaret Mary school in Detroit, Michigan.

Reddit | a2susan

13. Nature is obsessed with signs

Sometimes, even trees can be moody.

Reddit | meatybone

14. It gets better

A year later, the tree decided that even less of the sign should be seen.

Reddit | Meatbone

15. Seems like trees really like to eat signs

Nom nom nom.

Reddit | gravityisweak

16. And when there are no signs to swallow

They will swallow their own kind!

Reddit | thegreatgaspie
Source: diply

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