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Navy Seal Gives 100 Skills On Surviving Life-Threatening Situation But That’s Not All He Does


There are numerous skills that you need in life, but sometimes you just need practice too. How about having a book that you can carry around in your bag just in case you’re in danger? This book claims that it can save your life in difficult times. Clint Emerson, a former Navy Seal has written the book you are looking for. It contains 100 vital skills he learned in the U.S Navy, but what else can you find in it? At times, this book can be really disturbing.

You can easily purchase ‘100 Deadly Skills’ on Amazon, where you will find the great description. Mr. Emerson thinks that it will help you with getting out of life-threatening situations. Threats can truly happen anywhere nowadays, and you may easily find yourself in the middle of a shooting or a robbery.

In this excerpt from Clint’s book, 100 Deadly Skills: The SEAL Operative’s Guide, Clint explains what you should do if somebody tries to drown you – from shallow water to a rough sea.


He writes:

‘In shallow waters, use a sinking and bouncing approach to travel toward shore, ricocheting off the seabed or lake floor up to the surface for an inhale,’
‘When facing down, whether floating in place or using a backward kicking motion to swim to shore, the operative should arch his back in order to raise his head above water.
‘In rough seas, this may not give him enough clearance to get his head out of the water. Instead, a full body rotation will allow him to take a deep breath and then continue traveling forward.’


Additionally, when it comes to self-preservation in water, the key to survival is breath control. With the lungs full of air, the human body is buoyant. Therefore, you will save yourself through deep breaths and quick exhales.

Also, what you shouldn’t do is panic. Check out this detailed diagram on how to survive drowning:

The basic idea is, that by traveling forward, hopefully, the captured one could find dry land.

There are a lot of other useful skills for survival, but also there are some things that are not so clear about the book. Robert Tilford, a Military professional finds something pretty odd in this book. Skill numbered 85 was particularly useful for criminals. That is the skill ‘How to dispose of a body’. Who would need to dispose of a body?

Moreover, here is a part of the book explaining this:
“Maritime Burial: The least discoverable burial site is a watery grave at the bottom of the ocean floor, a few nautical miles off shore. Weighted down by fifty pounds of steel pipe, bricks, or cinder blocks, the body is wrapped in a layer of perforated construction plastic or ground cloth so that air bubbles won’t prevent body parts from floating to the surface as the body is attacked by marine life or degrades over time.”

Robert was also shocked at the cold and callous advice that Emerson has given in the book. He also suspects him of being a psychopath.

Either way, the book has a lot of useful skills that some people will find extra useful.


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