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Nearly Blind Dad Given A Chance To See His Family For The First Time


For the lucky ones, it is impossible to be aware of how blessed we are all day every day. It’s the nature of life that we take things for granted, especially the basic things we’ve never known our lives without. Imagine not being able to see your beloved family and the things you enjoy, even just for one day.

Now imagine a person who has never seen his wife and child properly. Gene from Denver, Colorado was diagnosed with Stargardt disease 16 years ago. When doctors told him that the chances of recovery were non-existent, he made peace with that fact and continued on with his life. But it wasn’t easy: Gene knew how the world looked and now he couldn’t see it; he also met the love of his life and started a family, without ever being able to see his wife Joy and son Lincoln for real.

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Stargardt disease is the most common inherited degeneration of the retina. The condition causes progressive loss of central vision that often ends with blindness.

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It was on The Rachael Ray Show that Joy saw the fateful, life-changing moment: she saw a man suffering from Stargardt disease given a pair of electronic glasses which corrected his vision. The glasses were the eSight innovative glasses which the company markets as the only patented device of its kind.

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Joy reached out to the producers and the family was invited over by Rachael Ray. On the 19th of October, a pair of eSight glasses were handed over to Gene, while his wife and 1-year-old son stood beside him.

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Gene put the glasses on, and suddenly you could hear a pin drop. The tension was becoming unbearable as it seemed like for a while he didn’t know what to say. Suddenly, obviously overcome with emotion, he uttered: “She’s pretty”.

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And suddenly the emotions and the tears flowed like rivers.

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Watch the unforgettable moment here, where Gene sees his family for the first time.

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