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Need Some Eyebrow Love? Check Out This Amazing Microblading Pro


This weekend we’re dedicated to bringing you the latest, best trends in makeup and beauty. Marjan Tabibzada is another talented makeup artist based in LA, and her microblading techniques are spot on (thanks, YoungCulture).

But what is microblading, you ask? Microblading is actually a form of tattooing but usually done with a handheld tool instead of a machine. Basically, the pigment is planted under the skin, imitating individual strands of hair, which has made it very popular in the treatment of eyebrows.


The procedure usually takes some time, it’s not your touch-and-go makeup application. Seeing as it is a form of very meticulous tattooing, each procedure can last up to two, three hours or more. Perfection is key, and you don’t want to rush your stylist.


Before you decide to fix your eyebrows permanently though, you need to stop drinking alcohol, taking aspirin or other blood thinners, at least one week before the procedure. Microblading causes some bleeding, but it can turn to a lot of bleeding if you consume blood thinners. The pain, however, is superficial. Most people say it feels like getting tiny scratches. But don’t worry – most microblading professionals also apply a topical numbing cream, which dulls even light pain.


Source: youngcouture

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