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Need To Hide Your Tattoos? Here’s A Money Saving Trick To Do It!


No matter how much we love our tattoos, there are occasions we can’t show them. For sure your tattoos are special for you and they represent an important symbol for you. The ink is part of your body. But sadly for a particular job or interview, you may not be allowed to display them.

Tattoo removal is painful and expensive and what is even more important is that you don’t like to remove something you like. If you think about removing a tattoo you love, it’s similar to cutting a piece of you. Why do such a thing for someone else! But, when it comes to putting bread and butter on the table you can try covering it.
You don’t  need bandages or well-placed clothing. You can use the power of the handy dandy makeup! In the video tutorial below you can see how you can do it.

Source:Nibbles Official

This is a great technique, and you can cover the tattoos anywhere on your body in nine simple steps. The makeup is pretty cheap to buy as well. So it’s worth trying.

  1.  If you can shave the area, then do so. This way the makeup will not clog up in body hair.
  2. Apply moisturizer on the tattoo. A lotion or primer is perfect.
  3. Apply foundation on the tattoo, you can use a brush to spread evenly. 
  4.  Check if you have more orange or pink undertones to your skin because you will have to apply matching color blush, eye shadow, or lipstick. 
  5. Spray with hairspray and let dry.
  6. Apply one more layer of blush or eye shadow.
  7. Apply some concealer onto the tattoo and blend it well around the area. 
  8. Spray again with hairspray.
  9. Apply the last layer of concealer and finish off with some powder.

Now with your tattoo covered amaze your future employer with your skills. 


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