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The Negative Space Eyebrow Trend Looks Cool, But Is It Real?


In recent years, eyebrows have become our number one priority in terms of makeup goals, which wasn’t the case before. In the past, no one would even pay attention to them as they were just these thin lines above your eyes. The eyes were the ones who mattered. Do you know the newest brows trend? Check out the feather brows here, and decide if you’d like to try it out.

These days, however, there is something beyond the feather brows, and it’s no brows at all! No, I don’t mean plucking them all, and that just gives me nightmares, but introducing the ‘negative space eyebrow’ trend.

What is all this about? Well, just take everything you know about eyebrows and toss it out the window. Or invert it.

Introducing the "negative space eyebrow" trend.

Source: Instagram | @kapasovia

You can create negative space eyebrows by covering up your real brows with concealer. What? Yeah, but wait for the most interesting part. Next, simply outline a brow shape of your choosing with liner or eyeshadow.

You could even call them "anti-brows."

Source: Instagram | @demon_cupkakes

People are even adding their own flair to the trend, making it more creative. Accenting the area around the hidden brows makes them even more appealing.

People are even adding their own flair to the trend.

Source: Instagram | @jackkdavid

Of course, it’s not the first time for women to cover their eyebrows. Drag queens have been covering their brows for a long time, to make more theatrical eyebrows.

This isn't the first time people have chosen to cover their eyebrows.

Source: Instagram | @belladonna.queen

Negative space makeup isn’t all about eyebrows. Makeup artists and beauty fanatics have been playing with the negative space technique in several areas of makeup.

Negative space makeup extends beyond just eyebrows.

Source: Instagram | @avaadore___

For instance, you can use negative space in eyeshadow designs. And it actually looks pretty cool!

For example, negative space has been used in eyeshadow designs.

Source: Instagram | @domxinique

You can also use stencils. You just need to buy a small star-shaped makeup stencil or use a small sticker.

Stencils have also been used in negative space eyeshadow.

Source: Instagram | @swayzemorgan

Eyeliners can also be used in the negative space.

Eyeliner has hopped on the negative space bandwagon, too.

Source: Instagram | @officiallyoh

For those who are not fans of it, you can create eyeliner without actually using one. Instead, you’re creating it by focusing on the makeup that surrounds it. Isn’t that cool?

Look! You can create eyeliner without actually using eyeliner.

Source: Instagram | @blogdaqueen

Try using negative space in nail art, too! Many nail salons have experimented with negative space.

You can also find great examples of how to use negative space in nail art.

Source: Instagram | @youngb_naildesign

Why not trying it on your lips, too!

Negative space is even here for lipstick.

Source: Instagram | @kapasovia

Negative space lip designs look cooler than ever.

Negative space lip designs also exist.

Source: Instagram | @poutnshout

The technique, is however, far from simple, but you can do it in so many other ways.

This technique is about more than just inverting space.

Source: Instagram | @poutnshout

If you are obsessed with your eyebrows, it’s probably time to try it out.

Still, negative space eyebrows are probably the most shocking.

Source: Instagram | @daisy_dahl

There is one more point, though. This trend is not a real thing yet. It’ more like people having fun on Instagram.

But is this a real-life trend, or just people having fun on Instagram?

Source: Instagram | @kapasovia

We have yet to see the bravest taking the trend to the outside world.

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