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The Queen’s Great Nephew Just Posted A Topless Selfie On Instagram


Wait, what? Has the Royal Family hit peak modernity? Well, just days ago Princes William and Harry opened their hearts out in a documentary about their mother Princess Diana. Now, their self-admiring cousin has gone one step further. How? You might ask? By embracing the thoroughly modern trend of posting topless selfies on social networks.

Yes, Arthur Chatto, 18, son of the Queen’s niece Lady Sarah Chatto who is 23rd in line to the throne, showed no concern about his privacy by sharing this intimate picture on Instagram.


The Queen’s great nephew, took the picture wearing nothing but white Calvin Klein boxers and a very serious facial expression. And oh boy, his hunky physique attracted compliments from a lot of female admirers. Princess Margaret’s grandson is a fan of outdoor sports including Arctic diving and also mountain climbing.


He is pictured here carrying the Queen’s gown at the Order of the British Empire service in 2012.

Just after attending Westminster Cathedral Choir school he went to £33,270-a-year Eton. He graduated this summer.

At Eton, Arthur was in its Combined Cadet Force where they teach pupils various military skills. Prince Harry was also the one to join the CCF at Eton before enrolling in the Armed Forces.

Prince William, Arthur and Prince Harry pictured in 2008 attending a church service

But unlike Harry, Arthur hopes and plans to continue studying at Edinburgh University before signing up, where older brother Sam, 21, is also a student.

Yoga-loving vegan Sam, prefers to use social media differently from Arthur. He posts spiritual messages such as:

“Everything is beautiful and worthy of love, for, in loving, we are able to nourish our souls.”

“Today I felt love for the sun on my skin, the work that I did and the stones of the streets that I trod — what have you loved today?”

By contrast, Arthur expressed an interest online in food delivery service named Deliveroo, and an app called Buzz Maids that allows users to hire pay-as-you-go cleaners.

This is the new era of the Royal Family everyone!

Source: DailyMail

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