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Are You Thinking About A New Hair Identity But Are Still Unsure? Watch This!


Most girls get a bit nervous even before the most routine visits to the hairdresser and some of us completely lose it when we are changing our long-standing hairstyles, even when we’ve firmly decided we’re going through with it in a well thought-out decision.

So, imagine how a girl who hasn’t cut her hair ever since she was 14 years old must have felt when she finally decided it was time for a change. Julie not only decided to radically change the look she was sporting for many years, but she also made sure to share her “hair journey” with anyone willing to see it and become inspired by it.


She reveals long, strong, beautiful hair runs in her family, but what motivated her to get rid of hers for a while was that it was badly damaged from years of coloring, blow-drying, and ironing. Over the years, her luscious curls became dry, lifeless, and stubborn.

And instead of persisting with her hair out of habit, she decided to be brave, cut it all off and start fresh. A clean slate, so she could in several years once again have a healthy, shiny, curly head of hair.

“I love my long hair, but I have to cut it, because… look,” she says in the video and allows the picture to do the talking, turning her back to the camera and letting her hair down.

She actually wanted to show viewers how long her hair was – below her waist – and how damaged it had become.

Julie, a hair stylist herself, made the decision not to perform the task at hand by herself. After all, as she says, she is very good when cutting other people’s hair, but cutting one’s own is another kettle of fish. After four months of researching stylists, she headed to the salon of her choosing and told the hairdresser she wanted none other than a pixie cut! Not only had she never had a pixie before, but her hair had actually always stayed far, far longer than that.


Check out the video below and witness Julie’ entire transformation unfolding, with her personal narration. Would you agree the new look made her look years younger, as she was told after having her hair cut?

Are you thinking about getting a chop, but are scared of the consequences? Check out Julie’s video and see if it changes your mind.

Video Credit: Caption Da Fashion / YouTube / Facebook / Instagram


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