New Pics Of Lindsay Lohan Show She’s Gorgeous Again


We saw Lindsay Lohan as a child star and she was cute. Then as a teenage queen, she was adorable. Then she grew up some more and she was beautiful.

And then she grew up some more, a little too soon, and we were, for the lack of a better word – taken aback?

Remember how Lindsay Lohan turned from child star to someone who crumbled countless times in front of an audience. We thought then, how it wasn’t a first for a child star to fall apart like that. And then there were paparazzi photos… rather awful paparazzi photos.

But there are new photos now, and they kind of give us hope that we might have a gorgeous Lindsay Lohan back on our hands.

Let’s go down memory lane first.


She was adorable in ‘The Parent Trap’.

Source: via Bustle


So after it became a huge success, the world wanted MORE LINDSAY, so here we are with ‘Freaky Friday’.

Source: via Movie Pilot

Then, ‘Mean Girls’ happened. People still can’t get over ‘Mean Girls’ and how it was the absolute best thing ever. And Lindsay was the star, and she was great. So everyone thought that a brilliant career was coming.

Source: via Most Popular Hot Pictures

But at the time… They couldn’t be more wrong. The more popular she got, the more trouble she was in. And after the first time she got caught for DUI and possession of cocaine, she became different than the Lindsay the audiences were used to.

She had started partying hard and her fans began to worry.

Source: via Freaking News

Just months after her first run in with the law, Lindsay was arrested again. This time the actress was in possession of many different narcotics. She went back to rehab.

Source: via Zimbio


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