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New Simple Everyday Makeup Look For 2017

Testing new Everyday Makeup

With 2017 coming up, we are always open to new changes. We were in the holiday spirit for some time now and finally we get the chance leave all the glittery and dramatic makeup behind (til next year anyway!). It is time to move on with something more simple, something you can wear every day.

Our favorite YouTuber Kelly Strack has brought us a brand new tutorial that outlines the essential look. A simple, matte look which you can rock anytime. Kelly is also going to test some new products so it will be easier for you to see if they are a yay or a nay.

Girl testing makeup pallete

She starts off with primer and moves on to foundation which works for a beautiful complexion. For the eyes, she decides to go with a bronze shimmery look outlining the water line of her eyes. Finally, for the lips, she goes for a simple nude lip gloss.

Testing new makeup

All product details are in her YouTube description. For more, click the video down below.

Source:Kelly Strack

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