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Would You Like To Go To New York With Your Best Friend For Only $130?


You need to stop whatever you are doing and answer this question: Would you like to go to New York with your best friend for cheap?

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Of course you would. It sounds like an amazing opportunity, doesn’t it? I mean, it’s cross-Atlantic, but you can fly on over to the Big Apple for less than £100 ($130).

If you’re in the UK, budget airline Wow Air recently announced that they’re selling one-way flights from London Stansted to JFK International in New York for as low as £99 ($130). If this isn’t a dream come true, I don’t know what is.

The price is actually less than the tax on the flight and the reason that it’s so cheap is because it is the beginning of a new service to the Big Apple. Don’t you just love this company already?

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Since the UK taxes are the highest in the world, this means that the journey is £24 cheaper than the cost of tax alone. But the flights go via Reykjavik in Iceland, and not directly. The no-frills airline also charges costumers extra for the usual perks of a long-haul flight.

So, you better get your on food and drinks, download films on your iPad and get going.


It’s important to know that if you are traveling with them, then you get a maximum 10 kg on board for free, otherwise if you have a heavier luggage you will have to pay more.

Grab your BFF, mom, sister, brother or boyfriend and book a flight before these disappear from your eyes. Share this with your friends and family to let them know about this amazing opportunity.

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