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One Happy Family: What Was Written On The Newborn Baby’s Onesie?


In life there are always going to be moments that you will memorize forever. But two that adults seem to remember the best are when they proposed (or were proposed to) and the moment when a newborn child comes into this world.

For a mother, the latter is unforgettable because with the pain, beauty and surreal of the experience, it’s impossible that a birth of a child can be forgotten. It’s a moment that everyone has been waiting for.

When Andrew’s girlfriend, Joana, went to the hospital to give birth to their son, he already had a plan figured out. He was going to propose to her. Sometime during her pregnancy, he concocted a way to make the birth of their son Julian even more special, by proposing to her right there. By her bedside.

newborn 1

Andrew couldn’t resist to have the newborn baby present at the special moment and he organized for the baby to be wearing a onesie with his marriage proposal written. In this way, Joana could see it when the baby would be placed in her arms.

newborn 2

Below we are going to see the couple’s journey to parenthood documented with a video. After she gives birth, the baby is handed to her and when Joana sees the message on the onesie she’s in shock.

She said yes, of course!

newborn 3



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