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Everyone Is Crazy About The Latest Hair Color Trend: Rainbow Roots


How many crazy hair color trends did we have the past two years? Who can even remember?! From ombre to red flames, we’ve seen everything (even things that cannot be unseen). And, then comes another color trend: Rainbow roots, you guys!

In case you didn’t know, this is the latest thing that everyone seems to be doing. Unicorn hair was also a popular trend not so long ago, but rainbow roots are beating it as the funniest one. It looks shiny and colorful, and it can be done on many hair types. How was this even possible?

And there are so many different ways to shine with this:

1. Long blond rainbow hair


Source: Instagram | @laushairstylist

2. Light colors, but still pretty

You can use subtle pastels as well.


Source: Instagram | @tara_is_a_pirate

3. This one is hard to miss

Such a bold look on a blonde hair!


Source: Instagram | @hellorogue

4. Make our own rainbow

She has chosen her favorite colors and looks pretty satisfied.


Source: Instagram | @shan.k.smith

5. Rainbow Brunettes

Dark hair can easily take rainbow roots, too! It looks so different than the blond one!


Source: Instagram | @coramiaofficial

6. Rainbow roots aren’t easy to make

As you can see, it isn’t a quick and easy process. But it’s totally worth it!


Source: Instagram | @imapotatoe_onthecouch Instagram | @beautysaltsss

7. You can be unique with it!

The effort will pay out in the end. You will look absolutely stunning!


Source: Instagram | @bethnal_k

What Do You Think?

Is this something you would do to your hair? Would you go all the way with the colors, or would you just try out some shades first?  Would you take the subtle, peekaboo route? Here is another subtle look to get your ideas started. Let us know what you think about the newest hair craze!


Source: Instagram | @stephaniematys
Main image via Instagram / @bethnal_k
Collage images via 1. Instagram / @hellorogue 2. Instagram / @stephaniematys

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