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11 Pieces Of The Newest Ikea Pet Collection That Are So Wow


Ikea was formed in the distant 1943, but is still the number one place for a good relationship re-thinking! Are you wondering why or you got the answer already? I don’t know if there is a single couple who didn’t get a catalog or went furniture shopping at Ikea. Okay, maybe it was accessories shopping only. And guess what happened? A huge fight over who gets to buy their favorite thing!

In case you were wondering, here‘s what going to Ikea with your significant other looks like.

But let’s go back to this multinational group, headquartered in the Netherlands. Ike’s designs are ready-to-assemble ones, and it does seem easy enough… before you actually get home! The newest thing about Ikea? Their pet collection! I am screaming! Can we take our cats and them choose their favorite piece of furniture?

Okay, I calmed down, but, really, can we do that? I know what I’m spending my next paycheck on.

1. Printed blanket

The material is water-resistant, and you can adjust the size of the blanket with integrated button snaps. Cool for pets, Although I’d love one of these for myself, too!


Source: Ikea

2. They made a mini version of the Klippan sofa!

Look at the design! The top cushion folds out to make a larger bed. Also, the slipcover is machine-washable, so no worries.


Source: Instagram | @ikeajapan

The next one is an ingenious one. If you own a pet, you will know what scratched furniture looks like.


3. Scratch mat

It’s not just another wooden post covered in carpet that your pet will ignore! Ikea has created a scratch mat that can be wrapped around Kitty’s favorite scratch spot.


Source: Ikea

The collection is not all about furniture either. There are some fashionable items, too!


Source: quickmeme

4. Their new collars come in three sizes and feature reflective material

Perfect for late night walks! These also come in black, green, or orange color options.


Source: Ikea | Ikea

5. They have a selection of leashes in the same colors, but this anti-shock leash is probably the best of the lot

The stretchy end will put both you and your dog under less strain.


Source: Ikea

6. Accessories wall cabinet

The collection includes a cute little wall cabinet to store bags and treats in, with hooks on the side to hang leashes and harnesses.


Source: Ikea

7. A little box house

The cover is removable for washing and the whole thing can be folded flat for storing purposes.


Source: Ikea

It’s made to fit perfectly on the shelves of a Kallax and I’m already loving it!


Source: Instagram | @ikeajapan

8. Compact tunnel for playful kittens

It even fits the opening of the cat house! The tunnel can also be folded flat for storage.


Source: Ikea

9. A cute cathouse

The house can be used as a side table with the included legs or anchored on a wall. Needless to say, it also fits in a Kallax shelf unit.


Source: Ikea

Pet beds are not cheap at all, and eventually, this might happen…


10. This wooden bed frame can be assembled two ways

It can be a cozy nook with low walls on three sides, or you can flip it over to give your pet a view of the entire room.


Source: Instagram | @lylymetal

11. Of course, Ikea’s cushion options can fit any budget

The biggest pet cushion costs only $20, or you can buy a cover for $5 and stuff it with old towels or clothes.


Source: Instagram | @guri_1022

Are you ready to spoil your dogs?

The “Lurvig” collection is already available in the US, Canada, Japan, and France, with more countries to come.


Source: Instagram | @chaconappy
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