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Newlyweds Return From Their Honeymoon To Find Their House Covered In Post-Its


Jamie and Emily Pharro got married on a ceremony where their friends and family attended on August 1, 2014. All was lovely, including their honeymoon that they spent in Lake Garda in Italy, where they stayed for a week.

And when you have close friends that you can trust, you give them the key to your house, you know, just in case. Or in the Pharro couple’s case, to feed their cats.

So imagine this, still in your actual honeymoon phase, you come home, you open the door….

And you find your whole ground floor covered in Post-its.

post 1

The story behind this? Jamie and Emily’s friends were actually known to perform pranks of this type. They even set up a camera to document their reaction.

‘Our living room has got glass panels in the door,’ Emily said, ‘so we could see as soon as we got inside what they’d done and then we saw the camera.’

‘The notes were all over the living room walls and everything. I think that in a few weeks we’ll still be finding the odd one about!’ added the 29-year old new bride.

post 4

When we say the entire ground floor, we mean it. That includes walls, floors, kitchen, THE INSIDE OF THE WASHING MACHINE, and the TV which only held one Post-it with a little writing on it:

post 5

‘so sorry’

Not that much of a surprise, though, for people who knew them.

‘To be honest, we quite expected to come home to something – our friends have a bit of a track record for this kind of thing,’ said Jamie.

He spent two-and-a-half hours removing the Post-its.

post 3

No damage done however, and it was all good fun, as they say. However, as Jamie says, some of their friends might not want to get married now!

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