Badass Newlyweds And Entourage Throw Some Serious Dance Moves

Badass Newlyweds And Entourage Throw Some Serious Dance Moves


Watching these newlyweds and their entourage dancing to a joint choreography will put a grin on your face!

Gina and DJ entered into the holly matrimony at the Saint Nicholas Greek Othodox Church, Northridge, CA. What happened later at the reception encouraged me to write this article!

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Getting married is a pretty special thing to do in your life. People plan their weddings for more than 6 months ahead (or years, you know). Planning your wedding requires nerves of steel and the composure of a zen buddhist monk to stop you from blowing the fuse on the whole thing!

It’s not for nothing that people say that your life-long partner should, above all, be your best friend as well.

That’s the vibes I am getting from this couple when I see the video.

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The video sets off with a shot of the newlyweds almost completing their first dance. Everything is in its race place, people are cheering from the lines, the photographers are there to document every second of it.

As soon as they are finished, their entourage joins them on the dance floor for the second waltz.

Everybody is cool and unaffected.

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At the blink of an eye, they all get in formation, the DJ puts the record on and here starts what seem that will be the most epic dance off of all times!

Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk comes blasting from the speakers!

People were dumbfounded! They were quick to catch the best spots to observe the whole choreography!

The newlyweds are up front the center whereas the others are their backup dancers!

People are throwing some serious dance moves all over the place!

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As soon as the choreography is over, the DJ invites the rest of the guests to join the couple on the dance floor! And to me this is the perfect way to ease up the crowd from all of the seriousness of the first dance and encourage participation!

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User YouTube Misha Watts who commented on the video below really sums up my feelings for the whole situation.

“The bride and groom both are cutting up! They look so happy this is truly epic others will try but no one will top happy wedd lyfe you guys”!

Source:High Tide Visuals, littlethings

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