News Anchor Beaut Gets Proposed To At Her Work Spot

News Anchor Gets Proposed To At Her Work Spot


Andrea Robinson, a news anchor for Fox 10 Phoenix, was in for quite a treat when her boyfriend proposed to her on TV.

Asking the big question never seems to be easy. I sometimes feel sorry that there is all this social pressure imposed on men when it comes to asking someone to marry them.

They have the weight on their shoulders from all that anticipation from the answer, but also whether their girlfriends are going to like the proposal.

I believe that we should also be able to ask the question as well. And kudos to all those women who do!

Nevertheless, men still do the bigger portion of the asking and we have to go with it.

In the video, we see Andrea starting a segment in newlywed celebrities. Her boyfriend approaches from the behind and puts his hand on her shoulder.


Andrea instantly turns her head and is absolutely perplexed to see her boyfriend standing there. She starts to back away.

Her boyfriend cuddles her shoulder trying to reassure her that everything is OK.

“What are you doing?”-Andrea asks as she turns pale. You can tell that she is fighting for air trying to make sense of the situation.


Then Hamlet starts his soliloquy.

“I am here to say that I’ve loved you since the day I met you, and ah… wanna spend the rest of my life with you…”

Andrea covers her face since she is about to cry. At that moment, her boyfriend gets down on his knees.

“I was wondering of you’d do me the honor of marrying me?”


“Oh my God!”- Andrea utters a cry while sobbing and nodding. She says yes.


All of the news crew starts clapping and they approach the couple to give them their regards. They were in on the plan before it happened. They helped Christopher in planning the whole ordeal.

“Congratulations you two!”


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