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A Nice Gesture Towards An Elderly Women Leaves The Internet Teary Eyed

Elderly Women

We often have a difficult time imagining our elderly as young people. Their maturity – and sometimes wisdom – are so difficult to look beyond, that we tend to forget how once upon a time they were the same as us: doing crazy things, getting drunk, going out etc.

For people who have lost their grandparents, one common regret is not to have spoken with them more often about their lives. If we haven’t asked them when they no longer around we lose out on their rich well of life experience, knowledge, stories and memories.

Luckily, there are people who have understood this and are making the most of their interactions with the elderly people in their lives.


One of them is Mahri Smith an 18-year-old young woman living in Ottawa. Recently, Mahri and her friends decided to change their weekend routine. They dressed up and went for a night out at a local Casino. They wanted to have a good time in a different setting and make new friends.


That’s where they made the acquaintance of a woman a little older than them. Who is now the newest addition to their crew. It all started in the bathroom where the elderly woman offered to take photos of Mahri and her friends.

She then told them how she used to dress up and go for nights out when she was younger, just as they did nowadays, and how much she missed it.

Mahri replied: “Why miss it, we are all out right now aren’t we?”


When she shared the photo and the story behind it on Twitter, it moved people all over the world. The post has been retweeted 80,000 times and amassed 264,000 likes.


Some people got a little bit teary-eyed… even while clubbing…


…weekends were made better…


Twitter | @Shanaynaybug

…and taking a selfie while not grinning or making a duck-face became perfectly acceptable.



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