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Seems Like Nicki Minaj Was Once A Getaway Driver Before Getting Famous

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Even though Nicki Minaj seems all innocent, some gossip came out just recently that makes us question that. One of her former running mates confessed that the 34-year-old rapper from Queens has been through some tough times and they might surprise you.



Nicki’s father was addicted to alcohol and drugs and had a very violent temper. In 1987 when she was younger, he burned down their home. So she might have taken after him, as she turned to breaking the law too.



When she was younger, she rapped in the group called “The Hoodstars,”  that had the members: Lou$tar, Safaree Samuels, Nicki and 7even Up.

7even Up recently talked with VLadTV and opened up about some parts of Nicki’s fuzzy past.



“That was my sister,” he said while bringing up some memories of the times she bailed him out of jail, helped him through surgery, and even though they bonded together they also got in trouble together.

And it seems like 7even Up convinced her to be his getaway driver for a robbery.

“She was a G, Nicki ain’t soft man,” he said.

The Deed


He robbed the guy, jumped back into Nicki’s car and they sped off. Everything went off smoothly so they got away with it. For sure Nicki had an interesting life before getting famous but it’s good to know that she’s not on the streets robbing anyone anymore.

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