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Nicki Minaj Before And After

Nicki Minaj
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We live in a society where having imperfections is not acceptable. No matter what you do, you are always going to be judged by someone. You start doubting yourself and soon you want to change… for them. Nicki Minaj can be a pretty good example.

When you are a celebrity and you have all the attention of the world on you, you can’t really help it but be open to plastic surgeries or drastic changes. And this is very wrong.

We already know a lot of singers/actresses that have had plastic surgeries but Nicki Minaj, sure took it to the next level.

Where them eyebrows at?




Can you recognize her?




This is just the wrong way to get attention and reach fame. You can always be yourself and use that as your biggest weapon. Anyways, for more pictures of Nicki Minaj transformation click down below:

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