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We’re Getting A Nightmare Before Christmas Sequel Next Year


Tim Burton is one of the most successful and famed directors and writers out there, largely because of his unique, dark style that he applies to all of his work. One of his most notable efforts was the 1993 stop motion flick A Nightmare Before Christmas starring Danny Elfman as the protagonist Jack Skellington. And for those of you who were big fans of the movie when it came out and all of your clothes featured Jack in some form, we have some good news for you: a sequel is coming next year.

Yes, a sequel to the original will be coming out next year, just in time for the 25th anniversary. However, there is a catch: instead of stop motion again, it will be a comic book style series.

The original movie wasn’t the most successful thing in the world, with a budget of $18 million and racking in around $75 million at the box office.

However, since then, from generation to generation, it’s become a bit of a cult classic – enough now to warrant a part two.

We're Getting A Nightmare Before Christmas Sequel Next Year 1

And another catch is that the sequel won’t be based around Jack Skellington’s adventures, but rather his ghost dog’s Zero, and as such, the comic series is appropriately titled The Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey, following Zero on his adventures around Christmas Town.

Produced by publisher Tokyopop, the story will be released in a series of full-color single issues, released direct to comic book stores, before being released in a collected volume.

They’re due for release in spring of 2018, and more information will follow in the coming months.


If the comic series is successful, you can bet a shilling or two that Tim Burton will eventually hop on to work on a movie adaptation of the sequel, as he has no movies scheduled for this year or 2018, due to working on the real-life adaptation of Dumbo slated for 2019.

Let’s hope this comic series takes off.


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