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What Do 30 Years Worth Of Graffiti Layers Look Like?


Doornroosje, a music venue in the Dutch town of Nijmegen, southeastern Holland, is a true urban monument and a museum to the modern history of graffiti. Once a police station, the vacated building that now houses the concert venue was populated by squatting hippies in the 1970s, before it became one of the most famous clubs in the Netherlands, housing gigs by alternative musicians from all over the world.

Although Doornroosje moved into a new, modern building in 2014, the old one still stands as a witness to the urban culture and history of Nijmegen, as well as housing a music studio. Recently, photographer Paul De Graaf peeled off a little chunk of the graffiti-covered walls of the old building, that artists have been aerosol-painting for three decades, and photographed the little piece of history on a micro scale.


“What started as a 70’s Hippie cult place, became a center of music and art in the early 80’s,” Paul De Graaf writes. “It is one of the first places where it was legal to smoke cannabis. It still a Music studio and Graffiti Hall of Fame. The building is surrounded by walls that are all spray painted from top to bottom.”


Paul peeled off a fragment of the wall that was being painted over and over for 30 years


“When you take a closer look, you’ll get a layered timeline of 30 years, just like a tree but made out of a spray can paint,” the photographer explained


This graffiti timeline shows when the different layers have been applied


De Graaf has compared the layers made of spray paint to the tree-rings of old timber


If you were afraid De Graaf might have damaged the wall too much, here’s a size comparison for the peeled off fragment


Who knows, this method might be used by the archeologists who will explore the history of the XX and XXI centuries in the future


The old Doornroosje building located in the Nijmegen city center


Source: imgur

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