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My 600-lb Life Guest Nikki Webster Has Lost Around 300 Lbs And Is Looking A Lot Better


Obesity is a very common thing and if you are or know someone who is, you’ll know that it’s certainly not easy. Not only are your confidence, appearance and mobility seriously hindered, but it also leads to developing serious health issues down the road. The good thing is, many people who fight obesity find the ways, motivation and drive they need to lose the weight and improve the quality of their health and their life in general.

Discovery Communications-owned cable network TLC has hosted My 600-lb Life since 2012, and the show follows the life stories of people that are extremely overweight along with what and how much they eat as well as their everyday struggles. One person who was covered on this show, Nikki Webster, has made an incredible transformation since appearing back in 2016, and you definitely need to see it.

Back in 2016, Nikki appeared on the highly-viewed TV series weighing a dangerous 640 lbs. She was forced to have weight loss surgery, after struggling with her weight her whole life and managed to get down to 443 lbs, moving forwards in terms of getting healthy again.

After having her surgery, the cravings for food came back, but thankfully, an organized therapy session helped get rid of the cravings. Before losing the pounds, Nikki could barely move and her parents had to install a lift to get food to her so she wouldn’t have to go downstairs. Food was definitely Nikki’s crutch when she was still over 600 lbs, but now, she’s completing tasks on her own and is helping her brother who has cerebral palsy, a condition that appears in early childhood and is characterized with weak muscles, hindered communication and having difficulty with eating due to the damage to the motors. She is also looking at moving into her own place with her brother.

Unfortunately for the 34-year-old, who hails from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, she had to go through yet more emotional trouble in the form of losing a friend.

Before doing the surgery, Nikki’s friend Michael “had a gastric bypass, and he died. That haunts me. As terrified as I am about surgery, I know this has to happen”.

My 600-lb Life Guest Nikki Webster Has Lost Around 300 Lbs And Is Looking A Lot Better 1

Even though she has lost a ton of weight (she managed to get down to around 300 lbs), she still needs to have skin removal surgery, as she states the excess skin weighs her down and doesn’t make her feel good about herself.

Kudos to Nikki for managing to lose all the weight and improve her life even with all the emotional pain she went through!

Source:2Four7 TLC

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