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Get Ready With Nikkie And Jeffree Star!


Don’t you just LOVE Youtube? If it wasn’t for Youtube, we may have not been able to meet Jeffree, or Nikkie. Which would be a total waste, as they’re two of the best people on the internet.

These two colorful people posted a ‘Get Ready With Me’ video and the world bowed in gratitude. The video is super fun and flamboyant, as is expected with these two characters in it. And apart from the fact that you’ll have the time of your life getting ready, you’ll learn new tricks, new products and feel like you’re in the room with them.

You can choose, if you’d like to go for Nikkie’s vamp look with the edgy black lipstick for simplicity, or Jeffree’s complicated, yet gorgeous sparkly eyes and nude lipstick.

In other news, I wonder which hair color brand Jeffree uses…

Have fun and post the results from getting ready with them in the Facebook comments!


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