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Nintendo Might Be Bringing Back The ‘Game Boy’ For 30th Anniversary


The legendary Nintendo Game Boy Classic might be making a huge comeback. While no official announcement has been made yet, the website AnimeNewsNetwork pointed to a recent trademark filing by Nintendo in mid-September which included an image that is very similar to the first Game Boy and is described as a “program for a home video machine,” Esquire reports.


Fans are hoping that the seminal handheld device might be coming back in time for the 30th anniversary of its original release in 2019. Originally released in 1989, the Game Boy changed gaming forever, becoming a staple of millions of childhoods in Japan, Europe and the United States.


A similar trademark filing preceded the re-launching of Nintendo’s NES Classic and SNES Classic too, and fans of the Game Boy are now keeping their fingers crossed.

These consoles were made smaller which made them more appealing in a modern gaming world. The same is expected to happen if the Game Boy does come back – it would need to remain a certain size to accommodate its screen.

Nintendo filed a trademark for the controller N64 in July, which made aficionados hopeful that more classic consoles would be relaunched in the future.


Game Boy was discontinued in 2003. If it does come back it would be another great piece of news for those nostalgic about the 80s and 90s after it was announced that Tamagotchi will be back in our lives this coming Christmas.


Bandai Namco Entertainment, the creators of the 90s favorite Tamagotchi have already launched a new version of their most famous product in Japan and will be bringing the new device to the US next month.


It has been said the devices have been slimmed down so they can be fitted into one’s pocket easily. Despite the changes, the goal of Tamagotchi remains the same: keep your buddy alive and happy.


Nintendo diehards are hoping a new version of the Game Boy might be released for the console’s 30th anniversary in 2019



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