He Has No Idea The Whole Internet Is Reading The Letter His Mom Wrote To Him


Teenagers are hard to deal with, especially when they start to approach 13 years old. They start to feel more independent. But, things get more complicated when your child is lying to you.

Heidi Johnson had an experience like this. Her son, Aaron tried lying to her about completing his homework, and was earning money from YouTube.



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You know, parenting is so hard, but it gets even harder sometimes. It is hard to know a formula which tells you how to handle your child. One thing is for sure though, there are right and wrong ways of doing things.  Heidi is going to show you her way.

So Aaron makes a little money off of his YouTube videos and starts to feel a sense of entitlement. To deal with this problem, Heidi was about to teach him a lesson and show him what life would be like if she treated Aaron more like a roommate and not a child.

She wrote her son a letter and left it on his door. The letter was an understanding since her child was so “independent”.


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