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No Mess 30 Seconds Watermelon Smoothie Hack


Watermelon is delicious and healthy. It has lots of vitamins and minerals, and we are consuming it in many different ways. But check this one out. The YouTuber Mark Rober shows us how to make a smooth inside the watermelon. It’s such a fun way of making it. Of course, you will need some tools other than a blender to make it.  What you need is: a clean coat hanger and a cordless drill. Don’t forget the watermelon.

If you have what you need and you want to have some fun with your friends on a picnic or while you wait for the BBQ, this is what you have to do.

Cut a diamond sized hole in the watermelon, and put the coat hanger into the drill chuck. Then shove the hanger into the watermelon. In about 30 seconds your smoothy is ready. Use a plastic cup and put it at the opening as a pouring nozzle.

Source:Mark Rober

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