No One Could Figure Out What This Machine Was Used For, Can You?


Mysteries are always fun. They make you think outside the box and look at stuff differently. The best investigators are the ones who focus on what they see and not the facts. Only then you will be able to find solutions.

So the history of the permanent wave machine is one you don’t hear everyday. It is rich and unique.

“The first U.S. patent for a permanent wave machine was given to Marjorie Joyner in 1928. Joyner, an African-American woman who graduated from a predominantly Caucasian beauty school, lived in Chicago and owned a beauty salon.”

Sometimes it took half a day to work so women spent a lot of time in the hair salon. Imagine what a waste of time that might have been. What’s the worst thing about this is that it was very dangerous and burned lots and lots of hair.

Below we have a video clip which shows you  got your hair permed in the past. It sure was a much more involved process than today. Enjoy!


Source:IndianaStateMuseum, awm

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