No One Was Going To Buy This Teddy Bear, Until Angelina Jolie Pulls Up In Her Car


Allen and Brandon, having outgrown their massive teddy bear, were having a practical lesson in entrepreneurship.

They dragged the 8 and 1/2 foot bear outside and sat him on a futon, hoping to bag $50 for the sale.

The boys made a sign signalling that the AG the bear was for up for sale and stayed out in the searing sunshine for over an hour with no offers and no interest.

But the boys were steadfast and stayed with the bear until he found his new home. They had after all, grown up with AG and slept on him when they were little.


They were shocked and delighted when a white Cadillac pulled up to have a look at the gigantic bear. This seemed like a good home for AG. But more than the car had shocked the boys, the parents were in awe when they saw who got out of the Cadillac.

Angelina Jolie, the driver and potential buyer stunned them.



But Allen and Brandon were so excited to have a buyer they didn’t recognise that it was a superstar standing before them.

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