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After No One RSVPs To Her Baby Shower, Future Mom Receives Packages From All over The World


When you think about baby showers, you think of all the emotions that may come up. This event is very special for the future mother, and it means a lot when everyone is present. The upcoming birth is being celebrated like the baby is already there. People bring gifts, but the most important thing is the presence and support of the people, as well as their energy.

All of this was of great importance to Bailey when she decided to have a baby shower, but something broke her heart. Her friend noticed that no one RSVPed on her Walmart gift registry so decided to brighten up Bailey’s baby shower. Who wouldn’t want a friend like this?

She asked help from people on the internet and got amazing feedback. Let’s see the story from the beginning to the end.


Baily created a gift registry for her baby shower while being pregnant with her baby Braeylynn.


When no one replied, her friend asked people for help to make her best friend happy. Her message was written on Reddit by her father-in-law.



But then, as the days went by, Bailey started receiving presents in the form of packages.


When the day of the baby shower came, this is what Bailey’s friend wrote:

We arrived there and met 4 other people including Bailey and her mom. One had brought a cake, and Bailey’s mom made some snacks. Four more people arrived so the 10 of us total played a couple of games, ate and then she opened her two gifts on the table (stroller and our gift).


Then the friend told her that there was a surprise waiting outside in the car. When Bailey opened the trunk she saw the numerous packages from all over the world. She started crying and laughing at the same time. There was all kinds of stuff that she needed, from diapers to strollers.


The gifts came from Australia, Belguim, Canada, Finland, Netherlands and the UK as well. Bailey couldn’t believe how good people can be.


She is extremely grateful and explains that these gifts will be reused for the other members of her family when they need them.


Although not many people showed up, Bailey and her baby felt loved by all of these generous people who thought about them.


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