What Would They Do: Normal Kids Vs. The Kids In Stranger Things

What Would They Do: Normal Kids Vs. The Kids In Stranger Things

stranger things

Meet Jacob Andrews. He’s the Head Illustrator at Collegehumor, but in his spare time (well, depends if it’s spare, really) he draws a comic called For lack of a Better Comic (ha!), that serves the occasional tasty dish of laughter! Well, today, and thanks to Collegehumor (duh), and Jacob’s wonderful sense of humor and drawing skills, we’re taking pot shots at Stranger Things.

Or, more precisely, at the kids in Stranger Things. Kids, you say? But are they really…? Like, are you kidding me? What kind of kid would be able to do all of that?

Well, surely NOT a normal kid, I tell you that. And Jacob had the same idea, which then grew into more ideas, which then grew into a comic… Which then we’re presenting here. Enjoy!

1. Confronting actual grown-up scientists in a creepy lab

stranger things1

2. Homework? What homework? Exactly!

stranger things2

3. Errr… Did no one teach him to not touch nasty stuff?

stranger things3

4. The kids in Stranger Things seem to have bicycle-o-mania.

stranger things4

5. Wooohooo!

stranger things5

6. No one takes normal kids seriously!

stranger things6

7. Destroying evil? That’s exclusively a grown-ups thing!

stranger things7

You can read more awesome comics from Jacob Andrews and his “For lack of a Better Comic” on Twitter and Facebook!

Source: collegehumor

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