Norman The Pomsky Will Populate Your Instagram And Your Heart

Norman The Pomsky Will Populate Your Instagram And Your Heart


Meet the new Internet sensation. Norman the Pomsky is a little adorable pup that is quickly taking over your Instagram and your hearts.


Don’t be surprised if your friend DM’s you one of his selfies!


He has an official website, in which it states that he was born to a male Pomeranian and a female Husky in March 2016. Which means that this month it’s his birthday!


His parents are called Rachel and Matt and they adopted him last June. They look adorable in that family portrait together!

This beautiful doggy lives in Los Angeles with its parents and they all take a long walk under those palms every single day.


I am pretty sure all that sun is responsible for his sunny disposition! That purple background truly complements his attire!

He has a lot of toys that he plays around and spends his time with every day. I wonder if that froggy is his best friend? Or maybe it’s the dinosaur above?


He updates people daily about his latest escapades on his Instagram. By now, he has more than 62,000 enthusiastic followers!


Here is a gorge selfie of Norman. And it only took one try for this selfie. He is a special kind of Pomsky!


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