The Nostril Hair Extensions Are Dominating The Internet

The Nostril Hair Extensions Are Dominating The Internet


Just when we thought that the curvy eyebrows were the ultimate bizarre beauty trend of 2017, the nostril hair extensions came about.  I honestly don’t know where to start and explain this obscure aesthetic that began to dominate the internet not so long ago.


First there was the glitter tongue:

Thirsty for #weirdwednesday like #glittertongue

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Second came the curvy eyebrows:

〰hy is the 〰avy thing trending? #〰 #wavybrows #squigglebrows

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 And lastly the squiggle lips:

Would you? New trend alert! #squigglelips #wavybrows -Cor

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Apparently, the world’s beauty trends have lately been taken over by a strange epidemic. People of the internet probably think they are amidst a weird competition for “the most bizarre makeup innovation”. And if that’s not the case, I honestly don’t have any other presumable answer to offer you.

So, who will win and with what novelty? Well, that is something we have yet to witness.

However, let’s get back to the leading No.1 trend so far – the nostril hair extensions. The distinctive look was established by Instagram user, @gret_chen_chen, who achieved the effect by sticking false eyelashes to the inside of her nostrils.

How innovative. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether this is supposed to be regarded as a beauty trend at all

Nose hair extension #nosehair #lashes #extensions #beauty #selfie #eyelashextensions #falselashes #加藤一二三

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I don’t think too many people will find it appealing in the near future, but maybe we’ll come around? What do you think?

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