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Do Not Buy Fruits If You See This Label On Them


When we buy fruit we  notice that there are usually stickers on them. A lot of children don’t want to consume bananas without having a sticker on them. But let me ask you one question: Do you actually know what they mean and why the sticker is there?


1. If the sticker has a 4 digit code beginning with 3 or 4, that means that chemical fertilizers were probably used for the production of that fruit. It is not GMO.

2.If the numbers start with 9, then the fruit is cultivated in a traditional way. There were no pesticides or fertilizers used.

3.It’s a GMO product if the 5 digit code starts with 8.

As you can see, it is very important for you to know this information and please try to stick with number 9. A lot of people are not aware of the codes, so please share it with your friends and family in order to help spead awareness.


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