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Not for cocktails only, votka and banana will straighten your hair


First what you have in mind when you like to straighten your hair is flat iron and chemicals. But if you are doing this on daily basis it will damage your hair seriously.  We have some tips to share with you hot to achieve the same effect while using healthier alternatives you have at your home. you will have much healthier hair.

Here they are!


1. Vodka is not for cocktails only. You can mix a drops in your hair conditioner. The low pH value will do the trick and it will straighten your hair. Just remember not to do this very often.

2. Banana and papaya are tropical fruits we all love to eat. They are perfect for smoothies because they improve our digestion and they have lots of vitamins. You can prepare healthy mask to straighten your hair with this fruits as well. Blend a banana, papaya and two tablespoons and live the mask to dry on your hair for one hour. Wash with shampoo after its completely dry.


3. Almond and eggs mask will not only straighten your hair, it will speed up your hair growth. Blend one egg and three table spoons of almond oil. Apply it on your hair. Cover it with shower cap or plastic bag and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash your hair with cold water and comb with wide tooth comb. you will have healthy  straight and nice smelling hair.




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