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Researchers Find That Not Getting Your Beauty Sleep Can Make You Appear Uglier


The romantic concept of the saying “get your beauty sleep” finally got it’s scientific backup. It has been confirmed by scientists that not getting your beauty sleep can actually turn you into an uglier version of yourself. Since the days of yore, beauty was connected to the hours of sleeping, but apparently, people knew what they were doing.


Mothers all over the world will totally agree with the saying and even use it to make their kids get more and more beauty sleep. They even go to convincing them how this will give their desired looks in the future.

Surprisingly, though, a new research appears to show that not getting enough sleep can have a very real impact on one’s attractiveness as perceived by others. The notion of beauty sleep was the subject of a recent research that suggests getting the needed amount of sleep is strongly connected to how attractive we seem to other people.

This is how the research began. Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden measured 25 male and female students’ quality of sleep using special equipment. They told the students they need to get a good night’s sleep a few consecutive nights. Then, after one week, they needed to restrict themselves to only four hours of sleep. After that, researchers photographed them make-up free in both cases.

Next, they showed the photographs to 122 strangers who lived in Stockholm, both men, and women. They asked them to rate the people’s attractiveness, health, sleepiness, and trustworthiness. Also, they asked them: “How much would you like to socialize with this person in the picture?”


The tired photos were judged very harshly. Also, people wouldn’t want to socialize with these people and thought of them as more unhealthy than the other pictures. Researchers say: “An unhealthy looking face, whether due to sleep deprivation or otherwise, might activate disease-avoiding mechanisms in others”.

However, this is not so scary, according to them, because sometimes people just can’t get their beauty sleep. And that’s perfectly normal.


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