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The Notebook Love In Reality – He Dies After Being Separated From His Wife’s Hand

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Do you remember Noah and Allie, the main characters of The Notebook? Their love seemed unbreakable, until one day Alzheimer’s disease tested their will. Dying in each other’s arms, they proved how powerful love can be. It is not only a movie, there is one couple who lived a similar love like theirs in real life.

Teresa and Issac Vatkin met years ago in Argentina at a party. They fell in love, and, two years later, they married each other.


Surprisingly, they kept their love and marriage for astonishing 69 years. In the 1960s they moved to the US and raised their three children there. Their love grew stronger each day, but their health was deteriorating.

The Daily Herald reported: “When Teresa developed Alzheimer’s disease, Isaac, who was in his 80s, learned how to work a computer so he could research the condition and possible cures. He felt desperate to help his wife and stubbornly fought the children when they suggested Teresa move out and get specialized care. After he finally gave in, he visited her every day, still wanting to take care of her.”


After a series of unfortunate events, both Teresa, 89, and Issac, 91, ended up hospitalized in April 2017, with different medical conditions. Highland Park Hospital staff in Illinois decided to do something for them in order to cherish their love. They put their hospital beds side by side, and their hands were also touching.

Soon, however, as time was running out, Teresa passed away only after opening her eyes quickly to look up at her children. This was the moment when the doctors separated their beds. The staff took her bed away and then something strange happened. Their daughter Clara noticed that her father’s chest instantly got flat, moments after he was separated from Teresa.

“The moment he felt we removed her hand from his, he was able to say ‘OK, I’m done protecting her. I can go and rest as well,’” their son Daniel Vatkin told the New York Post. “The ultimate in chivalry — so he could go to heaven and open the door for her.”

He passed away only 40 minutes after her hand was removed from his. It is a truly a remarkable love story.


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