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Now And Then – Bollywood Actresses Edition!

Bollywood is so exciting. So many colors and dresses, such drama, so many beautiful women. Some of them we love watching on the screen, and some of them we see in various media, showing off their exceptional beauty. Many serve as romantic¬†inspiration and we wishfully think about having the deep, emotional stories, like we’ve seen Bollywood actors and actresses have on screen.

Remember Rekha’s eyebrows? #EyebrowGoals! And the way Sharmila Tagore is aging, with her classy demeanor and dignified attitude. Each and every one of them is super-gorgeous and as if it wasn’t enough that they selflessly shared their talent with us in their movies, they now continue to inspire us with their looks, charm and new career endeavors.

Which one is your favorite? Is there someone that you love, but was left out of the video? Tell us in the comments!

Source:Top 10 Bollywood

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